Wednesday, June 25

the missouri redneck games weren't quite up to the standard of the original, but we had a fun staff outing.

entertainment included toilet seat horseshoes...

a john deere obstacle course...

bobbing for pig's feet...

and a mud pit for belly flops and other madness.

yee-haw. you can see our staff audioslideshow here.


  1. why did you decide to mix in black and whites? i liked all of the photos - but the black and white shots felt a little jolting - and i wondered what made them different?

  2. the audioslideshow was a team effort. parker came out with his sweet graflex polaroid camera. we thought about putting them in a different slideshow from the event, but then thought, what the hell, let's use them as intro slides to the different events.

  3. i didnt get a chance to look at the staff slideshow but these are great, incredible moments and a wonderful job of detail! seemed like a ton of fun!!