Saturday, April 5


i had fun at a gallery assignment last week.

found this angle on the hammer throw a bit too late to finesse. note to spectators: your white hats are a total buzz-kill.

did a ride-along with a "pro-active" cop team last week. of course they ditch me the day they make the biggest drug bust in recent memory. i thought cops wanted the glory photos of seizing drugs, guns, and money. i felt like a total ass after that.

a local teen "hip-hop artist" who was actually more into reggae than, well, anything else. he hosts a weekly public radio show. rad kid, er, young man.

last minute weather feech.

two classes on opposite ends of town have been penpals all year. the kids met for the first time at a roller-rink pizza party. some of them weren't so enthused about meeting their penpals.

earth hour scramble. a house part, a church service, and knitting at a bar all in an hour of darkness that saved columbia 1% of total energy demand. hey, something is better than nothing, right?

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