Sunday, April 27

at the end of my fellowship at poynter last summer, the faculty asked us to write a personal narrative. i had a bunch of travel photos from my time on the road to and from internships and a song that i couldn't get out of my head, so i made a visual narrative too. the finished product is kind of cheesy, but it's from a time and a place in between. it's already almost a year outdated. perhaps there will be a version 2.0 this summer.


  1. Of course, Soul Coughing starts playing while I'm reading your narrative...



  2. very cool, julia. this has such a nice flow to it and it makes me realize i've gotten pretty slack lately including myself in my photos. in 5 years, this will be even cooler for you to watch.
    thanks for sharing it!

  3. wow! glad I found your blog. good to see columbia through some other eyes.