Sunday, March 16

week o' multimedia

had the chance to work on some interesting stories this week.

the first was an ancient bur oak getting a facelift from some volunteer arborists. this tree was 150 years old when lewis and clark passed nearby. it's ginormous and might be the biggest bur oak in the country. i got a ride to the top in the volunteers' cherry picker (sweet!) and hung out long enough to pull an audioslideshow out of the deal.

the next day i covered the local spelling bee sponsored by the paper. i had a fun idea lurking in the back of my mind and brought along the audio recorder. the piece took on a life of its own and kept me up until 1am. it was fun to produce though.

i had flashbacks to my own spelling bee experience from 5th grade. or was it 4th. i can still remember the word i went out on. just a few people left until advancing to the next round and i forgot the "e" in planetarium. oh so tragic. i found out years later i was dating the guy that won that spelling bee way back when. it's a strangely small world.

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