Wednesday, March 5


seemingly random singles but a thread on aging ran through them.

Sue Johanson, host of “"Talk Sex with Sue Johanson," speaks to reporters before taking the stage at Jesse Auditorium for a Valentine's Day.

Debra McDannold came to Pela Cura for lime-light treatments after visiting another facility and coming away unsatisfied with the results.

Charles Jefferson was born on Leap Day in 1904. He turns 104 on the 29th, but officially he's just 26.


  1. What do "leapies" do then each year? Do they celebrate their birthdays on the 28th? Did you ask? Awesome portrait.

  2. earlier in life clarence would have parties on the 28th on the off-leap years. he said he lost interest in birthdays altogether somewhere around 80, but people made a bigger deal about it the closer he got to 100.