Thursday, January 24

from the dailies

it was a bad week to drive mitsubishi monteros. i covered a car fire and a roll-over on back-to-back days. i don't think i'll be getting behind the wheels of one of these anytime soon. i think a little space would have helped these photos tremendously. i gotta remember to back up sometimes.

got a sportrait assignment near st. louis for a high school QB recruit for MU. he's the #1 QB in missouri, but the writer told me after the shoot that he's also the #1 QB recruit in the country. maybe knowing that ahead of time would have made me more spastic setting up the shot. this shot of me was what i was going for with the extra layer of the bench in the foreground.

when the kid actually showed up he was much taller than i anticipated. i switched some lights around and tried the bench layer, but it just didn't look right, so i simplified.

and then simplified again, just to have something in the bag. it's not perfect, but i was happy to get something i was ok with. now to brainstorm for the next one.

from an assignment today on mini-marts in the public housing projects in columbia. part of the reason they're opening is as a training ground for residents to get experience in retail that will help them get other jobs around town.

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