Monday, January 14

catching up

a few years ago, i lost the best dog in the universe. she had been in our family since i was in the 5th grade. a lifetime. since her death i haven't had the sort of lifestyle that would support another dog. too little time, sporadic schedule, no yard, yada yada.

every now and again i'll wander into a pet store just to fluff some ears. and if a subject i'm photographing has dogs or cats or dwarf bunnies, i'll usually linger a bit to get some playtime in.

i was happy to put in a few hours this past week on a pampered pet artcile for our lifestyle section. it was an excuse to feed the habit.

first stop was the doggie bakery. this guy wasn't exactly salivating on the glass, but he did want a taste.

this little girl reminded me a bit of me back when we first got Rags. slightly chubby, a bit rough with the puppy, but glowing with adoration. she was trying to keep him from lunging for the cookies.

then onto the groomer. i need to send a thank you note to the owner for this blue wall.

getting the cuffs trimmed.

every other dog at the groomer was a tiny white fluff ball. worked nice with the wall.

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