Tuesday, December 18

end of the dairy farm

this is a story i definitely want to come back to. got to spend a few hours on a farm for a story on the decline of small dairy businesses. luke, 23, is taking over his dad's dairy farm in hopes of building it back to it's former level of profit. he's an interesting character and i think his voice can tell an important story.

i spent a few hours with luke for a story we were running the following weekend. his farm is a goof hour and a half from columbia, so isn't easy to drop in on. i finagled another trip out there the same afternoon the mega-ice-storm hit. still didn't get anything i really like, but here it is nonetheless. i hope i can get some time this spring to shoot more and get a good interview.

there's lots of verbs on a working farm. it's easy to layer the verbs and anticipate the verbs and keep getting better and better illustrations of the verbs, but in the end they are just verbs. the mood and the emotion will tell a better story than verbs ever could. i hope i can find more of those the next time i visit the farm.

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  1. you know what they say: shoot adjectives and adverbs, not nouns and verbs. =P