Sunday, June 10

long first week at poynter. i'm still figuring out the blogging policy here, so forgive the long silences.

the first 5 days felt like 5 weeks already. so much information was shoe horned into our heads in between incredible speakers and walking our beats. i cranked out a short "getting to know you" multimedia of our neighborhood that i can hopefully post here. we'll see.

my team's first project this week has been hectic. the kid's program we are profiling was closed when they said they'd be open, and open when they said they'd be closed. friday it was all supposed to come together but the program suspended classes for an all afternoon dance party. the director of the program offered to have the kids stage the class. he didn't understand my ethical opposition to it. "you a student? we do this all the time for the people working in the media." "yeah, well, not for me." after a talk with my editors and a few beers on friday night i stopped freaking out a little.

tomorrow is the last chance for this to come together in time for our first deadline. fingers and toes are crossed.

one of the reporters and i were wandering through our baking hot beat today and i spotted these kids having a small pool party. i think i remember having the exact same jungle animal print on the side of our pool when i was their age. some good summer fun never changes.

no real use for these in our beat coverage so far, but it was a nice relief to get soaked on the job.

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