Monday, January 8

Home away from home away from...

I've finally landed in middle America.

2,500 miles ago I was in San Francisco. Oceans and big trees.

I thought I would need piles of books on tape to see me through the miles. Catch-as-catch-can NPR, a few new cds, and a healthy dose of silence were more than enough for four days. I meant to post every day on the road, but hotels in the sticks have gone from "internets?" to "sorry, wireless only." I've been lapped by the ruralites.

This is what I meant to show you: the american southwest along route 66, s
now in New Mexico, no snow in Illinois, and the western hemisphere's biggest cross. My next cross country drive will have built-in time for more exploration of the side-roads.

san francisco, ca

mojave desert, ca

flagstaff, az

meteor crater, az

arizona new mexico

cadillac ranch - amarillo, tx

largest cross in western hemisphere - groom, tx

oklahoma, missouri, illinois

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  1. Julia!

    I'm so happy to have shared this cross-country drive with you. I drove past/stopped when driving FROM my internship in south carolina to california. Oh the california I 40! I'm glad to have seen these beautiful sites from your view.

    I'm rooting for you back at home! Looking foward to experiencing more of life (and dessert!) on this blog.

    Natalie Schrik